Wednesday, November 18, 2015

DMGA Top Dogs

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The Top Dog Results are in!

In an exciting playoff on the 10th hole, Gary Wilson drained a 15 ft. putt for par, to break a tie at 68 between Wilson, Bill Cowan, and Buzz King.  
Tommy Edwards finished up a great season with the most overall DebEx points winning the DebEx Chapionship.

1st Place Net  (Top Dog- Net) Gary Wilson 
2nd Place - Bill Cowan
3rd Place - Buzz King
Closest-to-the-Pin # 4 -Harry Cagle - 8 1/4 in.

Randy Hebert captured a Top Dog Championship Gross honor shooting 80. Congratulations!

The DeBordieu Men's Golf Association would also like to congratulate Tommy Edwards who received the 2015 DeBex Champion award.  He accumulated the most points for participation and 1st through 3rd finishes throughout the DMGA calendar year. Edwards sealed the deal with a top 10 finish in Top Dog Championship.  Besides having his name on the DeBex trophy he will also recieve $250 to donate to the charity of his choice.
Ken Michaels takes home the DMGA Sandbagger of the Year award for winning the most DMGA money in 2015.  

A great time was had by all at the annual DMGA awards dinner last night.  Congratulations to all of our winners!
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Monday, November 2, 2015

Home Designs That Buyers Love Most | Realtor Magazine

Buyer's can often have specific interests. Below is an article of the top three style preferences.
The pictures below are from DeBordieu homes that are for sale.

276 Dune Oaks

Home Designs That Buyers Love Most

Hollywood-inspired homes that have the “look, but don’t touch elegance” are a fading trend and home owners now are preferring natural, comfortable spaces.
Home staging and design tipsStyled, Staged & Sold
Consumers’ three favorite home designs are: Inviting, Rustic, and Beachside Charm, according to a new survey conducted by®. Visitors were asked to vote for their favorite type of decor as part of their “Get This Look” promotion. Inviting home styles nabbed 23 percent of more than 10,000 votes cast by® visitors as the top design choice, followed by Rustic at 22 percent, and Beachside Charm at 21 percent.
"We are seeing a shift in home design trends – leaving behind the glitz and glam for a more natural look – whether that may be a rugged barn with many textures or a serene beach-like feel," says Farrell. "Today's style reflects today's lifestyle and we've found that having a space for entertaining family and friends all year round is the number one trend."
The following is a breakdown of the top three style preferences:
  • Inviting: This is described as a welcoming atmosphere that includes fun barware, plenty of seating, and a gather-worthy kitchen that can serve as the life of the party.
  • 43 Breakwater Ct.
  • Rustic: This look is for those who prefer natural elements: wood, stone, water and light. This design style usually incorporates organic materials from the outside inside for a perfect balance.
  • Beachside Charm: This design has a relaxed and casual feel, often incorporating terra cotta tile, patio umbrellas, sundecks, and scattered shells.
Meanwhile, the design styles least favored in the survey: Regal (a design that uses fine fabrics and antiques), Urban, eclectic Mid-Century Modern, and Earthy.
Source: Move Inc.
957 DeBordieu Blvd.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Trending Home Amenities

Energy efficiency and smart homes are just two trends that should grow in the housing market over the next couple of years.
See below article from the Daily Real Estate News.

Home Amenities Likely to Grow in Demand
Certain amenities that home buyers now consider “nice-to-have” may soon move into the “must-have” category in the coming years. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate on its Clean Slate blog post recently featured a three amenities that are likely to grow in demand among home shoppers, including:
  • Energy efficiency: Home owners are spending more of their income on utility bills and that likely will motivate them to want to find homes with more energy efficient, cost-effective appliances. Energy Star-qualified appliances are on the rise. The appliances use 10 to 50 percent less energy than their older counterparts. Also gaining popularity are smarter appliances, including dishwashers with sensors that can determine the appropriate cycle length and water temperature as well as washers that can extract more water from laundry during the spin cycle so the dryer has less drying to do. (Read: More Builders Say Energy Efficiency Is Priority)
  • Stainless steel alternatives: Stainless steel appliances have long dominated but home owners have long had a love-hate relationship with them. They are known as being difficult to keep clean. White ice and slate are increasingly growing as options to stainless steel. Slate is being touted as an easy choice to blend in with other black, white, or stainless steel finishes. It can resist fingerprints and washes easily too. (Read: More Attempts to Dethrone Stainless Steel’s Popularity)
  • Smart homes: More homes are expected to be controlled via a smart phone or tablet in the coming years. Appliances and home systems can be turned on, off, or programmed via mobile devices. Smart refrigerators are emerging that have built-in apps that can even create grocery shopping lists and smart ovens can be remotely controlled to start dinner or check on the status of what’s cooking. Surveys are showing that more home owners are desiring the ability to control and monitor their appliances from anywhere. (Read more: 10 Products Making Homes Smarter)
Source: “Consumer Trends Shaping the Future of Home Amenities,” Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Clean Slate blog (Oct. 15, 2015)

Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall can be an active and good time to sell real estate. It certainly is a fantastic time of year to be in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.
Here are a few tips for sellers to consider for this time of year from the Daily Real Estate News.

5 Fall Staging Ideas for Your Listing
Spruce up your listing with some easy and quick touches that will make buyers feel more welcome this fall. Here are a few ideas:
1. Add in some fall scents. Smells of apple pie, pumpkin and cinnamon, and leaves all can offer up buyers a cozy, warm feel for fall. Try scented candles.
2. Lighten up. With shorter days, be sure to take advantage of the natural light as much as you can by opening the drapes and blinds. You may also need to add more light in with floor and tabletop lamps.
Fall Home To-Dos
3. Rake the leaves. The leaves will soon be falling and great curb appeal is important for your listing. Rake up leaves and be sure to trim back any overgrown or dead plants. Also, trim trees and hedges to make sure they are not overshadowing the home’s windows or porches.
4. Decorate with mums. Some pots of orange or gold chrysanthemums can instantly brighten up a porch and deck – they’re cheap and hardy too. Also, pumpkins can add a seasonal touch and pops of color to the outside too – just be sure to not overdo it.
5. Show off the fireplace. If the listing has a fireplace, make sure it’s clean and highlighted. You probably don’t want it turned on during showings and left unattended. But you can highlight it with d├ęcor, like a simple vase of pinecones, on the mantle or hearth. During an open house, when a real estate professional is present, you may want to have the crackling fire on to add to the home’s coziness this fall.
Source: “6 Tricks to Help Sell Your Home in Autumn,” RE/MAX Blog (Oct. 12, 2015) and “5 Fantastic Kitchen Staging Ideas for Fall,” Coldwell Banker Blue Matter blog (Oct. 12, 2015)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fall and Winter Home Preperation

Like it or not regular property maintenance is part of home ownership. Below is a great article from John Voket that I wanted to share.

Ready Your Home for Fall with These Late Summer Tips

fall is pretty
As we march swiftly toward fall in many parts of the country, homeowners should prepare for the eventual chills and precipitation that winter will bring. According to, the most beneficial - and in most cases - easiest maintenance can go a long way toward ensuring your home is fully buttoned up, safe, dry and warm come fall. Here are just a few of the suggestions offered by the site:
  • Regularly clean gutters and downspouts. Make sure all drainage areas are unblocked by leaves and debris. Consider installing gutter guards to make the job a lot easier.
  • Lower humidity and cooler (not yet cold) temperatures make fall a good time to paint the exterior of your home.
  • Inspect your roof, or hire a licensed professional to examine your roof for wear and tear. If the shingles are curling, buckling or crackling, replace them.
  • Check the flashing around skylights, pipes and chimneys. If you have any leaks or gaps, heavy snow and ice will find its way in.
  • To prevent exterior water pipes from bursting when the weather gets below freezing, turn off the valves to the exterior hose bibs. Run the water until the pipes are empty. Make sure all the water is drained from the pipes, if not; the water can freeze up and damage the pipes.
  • Have your wood-burning fireplace inspected, cleaned and repaired to prevent chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Wrap water pipes that run along exterior walls with heating tape. It will save energy and prevent them from freezing.
  • Clean and replace filters in your furnace or heating system. Contact a licensed heating contractor to inspect and service your gas heater or furnace to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • If you use a hot water system for heating, drain the expansion tank, check the water pressure, and bleed your radiators.
  • Check the attic to make sure the insulation is installed properly. The vapor barrier on insulation should face down toward the living space. If it is installed incorrectly (with the vapor barrier facing up) then the insulation will trap moisture causing possible water problems. Cut slits in the vapor barrier to allow moisture to escape.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Sea Turtles! Nest Inventory at DeBordieu Beach by SCUTE Volunteers!

The DeBordieu SCUTE volunteers had a busy afternoon inventorying two sea turtle nests. Learn more about SCUTE HERE.

An afternoon thunderstorm postponed activities for an hour, and the storm drifted out to sea. 

o sea. Below is the "official" report from SCUTE's Betsy Brabson...(The Turtle Whisperer). 

August 20, 2015 - 2 nest inventory results!

Debordieu SCUTE
After a weather delay, we were able to hit the beach and do the first of 2 inventories at 6:45 p.m. We started with natural DEB13 dated 6/27 located 30 yds. north #7mm. Carolyn spoke informally to the small crowd with many children. Suzette, Kathy C. and Judie dug out the nest and sorted/counted. The bucket was called for as 2 live hatchlings were scooped out of a rooty chamber. Frankie and Kathi A. handled crowd control keeping a close watch on the released hatchlings. A little girl desperately wanted one of the turtles to crawl into her hand (photo)! This nest had a great success of about 90%!

Natural DEB12 dated 6/26 located 12 yds. south #5mm was a quick inventory as the no-see-ums emerged. Bill dug while Debby and Carolyn sorted/counted. With one live hatchling released, this nest also did very well with a 92% success!

It is always impressive how dedicated our volunteers are in all sorts of conditions. Thanks to those who came tonight!

A small crowd gathered to see the turtle nest inventory. 

Volunteers dig the nest pulling out the eggs of already hatched turtles. They know from the nest date when the turtles will hatch. Inventorying the nest allows them to help the baby turtles that did not dig their way out. Two turtles were found in the first nest and one in the second. 

The turtles are in a bucket ready to be walked down closer to the water. 

Instructions and some explanations of the volunteer's actions are shouted out to those that came to see the event. 


The turtles are small but have enough energy to make their way to the water. 

This cute girl was ready to help. It made for a great picture, but the volunteers are the only people that handle the turtles. 

The first little wave washed the sand off of the turtle showing is lovely shell. 

And they are off into the big Atlantic Ocean.

Everyone heads down to the next nest to be inventoried this evening.

One turtle heads for the ocean from the second nest.